What have we been up to?

Busy day indeed! After a hectic session of concept development and prototyping ideation, we decided to take a break, and I decided to let you take a peek into what we had been doing.



We had explored a lot of domains, and came across multitudes of problems, where sharing can play a key role. The insights gained from the literature research helped us move from the brainstorming stage, to narrowing down to the problem we wish to address.

DSC_0007.JPGWe used the three aspects of environment ‘Giving back to society’, ‘ Environmental sustainability’ and ‘Social connectedness’ Β to help us make important decisions.


We are pretty excited about what’s more to come and I think I should get back to work now. πŸ˜€


Mini Challenge 3: Storyboard

Our storyboard depicting the concept of shared garden spaces in current societies. As we move towards urbanisation, the necessity of quality spaces is evident and on rise. We try to solve the problem with fields managed in collaboration,i.e., “shared responsibility”.



We have developed a concept, in which a self-sustained system exists in societies of modern cities, where people interact with other humans and their environments. The shared responsibility of the place helps people interact and share some quality time together. Technology helps the place to be self-sustainable in ways like piezo-based electricity generation from jogging paths. There can be interactive installations like touch-based music-wall for children as well to motivate them to come and interact with other children. Thus we move closer to a vision of better quality-time sharing places.Β 

Mini Challenge 2- Magic Machine: Hello Balloon


Problem- A wide communication gap exists between animals and humans, making it almost impossible to “share thoughts and feelings.”

Magic Machine- Hello Balloon-Magic Phone is a device which can convert speech of animals into human-understandable speech, and vice versa. The transceiver helps the two in communication and transfer of information and feelings, thus bridging the gap. It will reduce distress among animals and also help humans to be more social. For example, urgent sharing of information like stomach ache can be done easily.

The inspiration of the problem was based on reference reading material 4, which focused on sharing within society in general, instead of focusing just on humans.

Screenshot (121)



Mini Challenge 1: Brainstorming

DSC_0003We reflect back on an experience of one of our members, on how she shared luggage space while travelling, to help a friend get something from home. The understanding of the term ‘sharing’ in this scenario indeed helped us organise our thoughts earned from the literature research.