Why Elemelons 2.0?

The story dates back to the times old and untold. In the mystical land of chaos, the wizard of elements, in his ardent pursuit for orderliness, came upon the hibernated seeds of magical melons. The prophecy had come true; the time had arrived to culminate the dark era of turmoil.

Bolstered by his ancient noble knowledge of elements, the seeds gave way to the “Great Melon Tree”. It bore four fruits- Watermelon, Airmelon, Firemelon and Earthmelon, which themselves carried the seeds of innovation. They were called the Elemelons.

As time progressed, over-excitement of Watermelon lead to formation to Hydromelon and Oxymelon. But the zeal is still same and fresh.

This time called the Elemelons 2.0, the five have set out, exploring their skills, defying all conventions, to pave the way for a better thing.